1. Don't send me messages telling me to kill myself anymore. -
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  2. "Psuedo-Dash" theme by victoria.
  1. this theme is now my most installed theme, with 64 people using it

    so thank you<3

  2. I mean this theme is really accurate to the dash but why? Did people want this or you were bored or?

    this was probably the 3rd theme i ever made, and i was really fucking proud of it. sure it’s “cool” because it looks a lot like the tumblr dashboard but honestly i’m sure 99% of you have NO idea how much work it was for me at the time because i was just learning how to code themes for tumblr. now i have coded over 30 and if you don’t like this one then go find another one, don’t bash me over this one. just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean other people won’t like it either, and there’s NO reason for you to have to make them feel bad for liking something that you don’t.

  3. if you want to ask a LEGITIMATE question go here

    or if you have a question about my themes that DOESN’T involve this one, ask here

  4. i’m turning the ask function off of this blog because i’m getting too many messages telling me to kill myself or something to that effect

  5. all yall niggas that hate this theme i’d like to see you write html & css & javascript & jquery & java from scratch because i can

    and thanks for telling me i suck in something i’m seriously considering pursuing as a career path because now my future is all kinds of fucked up

  6. I don't understand why people are being so mean about this theme???

    they all want me to kill myself now which is understandable

  7. merlsy:

    this theme

    why the fuck would you

    thanks for sending me anons on my personal account telling me to kill myself

  8. why are there over 100 people on this blog right now

    what the fuck are you all doing where did you come from

  9. why

    let me see you make a 30+ themes from scratch

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